Hey gas prices, would you like to chill out for just a little bit, please? I know the days of $2 per gallon are gone unless you're racking up those rewards points at United, but if you can just settle in around $2.50-2.75 per gallon, it would be much appreciated.

Or if you're going to increase in price, maybe do it a little bit at a time so we know it's coming.

Yes, I realize I'm speaking to something that isn't going to hear me or give a crap, but I had to say something. I know you're thinking it too. Why in the world did gas prices in Amarillo just jump 50 cents per gallon basically overnight?

No, the gas stations in Amarillo didn't conspire to just crank the prices up for the weekend, and we aren't the only ones who felt the increase.

Oil prices are at a high for 2023, checking in at roughly $83 per barrel right now, and that is what's driving the increase in price so quickly. 45 of the 50 states felt quite the jump over the last seven days. In fact, Amarillo gas prices are up over 10 cents per gallon on average in just the last week. Imagine what it's like in California.

It's not the only factor in rising gas prices, however. Things such as seasonal impacts will jump them as well, and let's be honest, as it gets warmer out, you find yourself in the car more driving around to activities and events.

So is there any relief in sight? There is indeed. Relief in the sense of gas prices shouldn't really continue to rise in our region much more, but they aren't exactly going to go down any time soon. I say won't rise much more because experts feel we haven't hit the peak of oil prices yet, but they do feel we should in the next few weeks.

So for now, set aside a little extra for filling up that tank, or cut back just a touch on the driving. It'll get better, just not in the next month or so.

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