A lot of people are hurting these days because of the slow turn of the global economy. Few places are making them feel the pain of painfully slow growth more than the gas pump.

But that doesn’t mean relief can’t unexpectedly happen.

A Conoco gas station in Pasadena, Texas found itself with more than a few eager customers willing to wait in line earlier this week when a computer glitch resulted in customers paying $1 for a gallon of gas. That’s a far cry from the current average — a regular gallon of unleaded gas is dangerously close to topping $4 a gallon.

Customers got to enjoy the steep discount for three hours before the pumps were turned off, so the dozen or so people who were lucky enough to drive by the gas station didn’t get much of a chance to pass the tip on to their friends, even though the news quickly spread on Facebook and Twitter. The store’s owner discovered the glitch and the prices soon went back up to their regular rates.

The last time regular gasoline cost less than a $1 was back in 1994.

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