Right on the out-skirts of Amarillo, about 11 miles east of Canadian, TX, there was a gas pipeline explosion early this morning.  A blast that left 1 man with injuries to his face and hands.

Pro News 7 reports that the man was taken to Hemphill County Hospital in Canadian, where he was treated and then released.  Thankfully he only suffered minor burns and injuries, because that could have been a nasty ending!  That's what you call a blessing right there!

What caused the explosion?  I like to speculate that it was a meth-lab gone wrong, because it's always fun to speculate that!  But alas, twas not.

Connect Amarillo reports:

Preliminary investigation by the Hemphill County Sheriff's Office found that employees from Presser Construction was making a cold cut on a gas pipeline that has been shut in. Authorities said the cut was made in a place that had residual gas in it.

The blast, according to the Sheriff's Office, was ignited by a track hoe that was sitting at the location.

Other than the 1 man's injuries, other damage caused by the explosion was in the form of equipment, welding trucks and a track hoe.  The equipment was deemed a total loss.

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