[Abe Froman] @ Flickr[/caption]Hurricane Harvey and Irma have been a factor in rising gas prices. The shut down of the refinery's for the storm has put pressure on the oil / gasoline prices nationwide raising the them gas prices.

The average gas prices across the U.S. rose 15-20 cents for an nationwide average $2.65 per gallon as of now. The Dallas-Fort Worth area had a shortage of gas there for awhile, but gas is back and at around $2.62 per gallon. With the cheapest gas, being here in Amarillo at around $2.40 per gallon.

So gas has been steady here in the city not jumping up to high, and no shortages. Take the gas prices around the nation into consideration when traveling, Both the East and West Coasts have the high price for gas compared to the rest of the nation.


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