Very sad, but overwhelmingly moving and a blessing ... describes the Instagram video of George Floyd's daughter, Gigi, happily celebrating her dad's life, and announcing that "Daddy changed the world."


Interview with Gigi:

It makes me imagine and think about how the four perpetrators of George Floyd's murder will feel upon eventually seeing this little girl having to speak of her dad in the past tense, knowing that they took him away from her forever.

On the other hand, the rest of the world can use this as a Blessing from God, (my opinion), or at least good news and motivating, such that this young lady can be comforted by the TRUTH and mindset that her dad has been catapulted into the Black and American History Books as the man who would FINALLY cause a change, and reform, relative to the way some police officers have interacted with Black people over the years.

The message that's been sent by some particular officers has been that the lives they have taken don't really mean much.

As for the perception that police officers, in general, are a problem ... even if we were to single out white officers, that idea would be the furthest thing from the truth.  There are only a fraction of "bad cops" compared to the officers who truly want to Protect and Serve.

It's sad, unfortunate, and unfair that the Good Officers have to take the brunt from the public, based on what some of their counterparts have done.

Author Todd Anderson and the staff at WBLK in Buffalo offers their condolences to the Floyd family.

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