From series 'All That' Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, had Good Burger growing in popularity on the show, but in In 1997 Nickelodeon wanted them to be on the big screen. Big hit for the movie, but no sequel was ever made over the years. Then on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show they reunited for sketch back in 2015.  Since, more talk has been going around about a possibility of a sequel to Good Burger.

Then during an appearance on the The Brown and Scoop podcast, Mitchell had confirmed that he and Thompson have talked about a bigger reunion for the duo.

“Everybody is talking about a Good Burger 2, us doing a Bad Boys type of film,” said Mitchell. “Me and Kenan have definitely been talking about it. You might definitely see something coming up with me and him soon. We have definitely been talking about doing something big for the fans, because everybody has been looking for it,” he added. “They want us back together.”

Does Mondo Burger make a come back?

Do the two own Good Burger now?

Would you want to see a Good Burger 2?



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