Summer started this past week. If you are planning a vacation in the next couple of weeks, here are a few dates to avoid and a few you might want to choose to get a great bargain.

If you are looking to save a lot of money you might want to wait till way later in the summer. Actually more like almost Fall time. The cheapest days to travel are Monday, September 3rd and Wednesday, September 19th. The median price of a domestic flight on those days is $177.

It comes as no surprise that traveling on the weekends are a bit more expensive. But most of us do that because we want our vacation to start on a Friday or Saturday. The best weekend to travel is the weekend of August 25th, when the median flight is $305. That's pretty much the best price you can get for the rest of this summer.


Now what about the worst weekend to travel. Well that weekend is June 30th. It is is the most expensive weekend to buy tickets to go anywhere. So if you are planning a trip this weekend. You might want to hold off a week.

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