Time to brush up on my White Russian recipe and work on my bowling game. According to the Amarillo Pioneer, The Big Lebowski is heading back to the big screen in Amarillo!

For twenty years, The Big Lebowski has been an iconic film. From "being out of your element" to rugs that "tie the room together," a huge number of us still quote and reference the film two decades later.

According to the article, The Big Lebowski will be shown at UA Amarillo and also at Cinemark Hollywood 16 as part of TCM's Big Screen Classics series.

I missed seeing The Dude in theaters the first time around, and I can not wait to see Donny be out of his element, The Dude's trippy dream sequence, or "The Jesus" on the big screen.

Tickets are available now. If you aren't excited, well, that's just your opinion man. I'm happy that once again, The Dude abides.

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