This could be the greatest, least-annoying invention of our time.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been bothered by the sounds another human makes. While some human sounds are completely unavoidable, science is trying to eliminate the ones that can be dealt with... One bite at a time.

The slurp. In my humble, annoyed opinion, The slurp is easily the most annoying sound a human being can make. Whether it's sucking down coffee with a massive slurp every second, or slurping down some spaghetti noodles, that sound makes my skin crawl.

Now, the slurp can be an annoyance of the past!

The Japanese company Nissin makes Top Ramen and Cup Noodles, and now they make a fork that's perfect to go with their products!

It's a noise-cancelling fork that can apparently reduce slurping sounds.

The cost of this bad boy is $130 bucks, which seems extreme for a fork but if it can actually eliminate slurping sounds, then I say "TAKE MY MONEY!".


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