Nope, never flying again.

This video might make you feel the same way.

Technically speaking, in comparison to other means of travel, flying is actually one of the safest options. However, seeing a freaking bird fly directly into a plane's engine might keep me off of them forever.

That's exactly what happened in Germany. A man was doing the typical thing we all do while flying, and that's film the take off. Sure, it's an exciting time, but you don't general get much out of these types of videos other than saying to your snapchat buddies, "Hey, I'm flying!"

Well, this guy got a lot more than that.

His video caught the exact moment a bird flew directly into the engine.

Thankfully, it happened while the plane was on the ground, and they were able to recognize the problem and turn around before it became a dangerous situation.

Check this out!


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