On Monday (May 25), Halsey revealed in an Instagram post that she's currently studying law so she can eventually take the California bar exam.

The pop star shared a slideshow of images on her Instagram last night, including a summery bikini selfie, an adorable baby photo and a photo of a law textbook.

"I took my brace off my ankle cause it was itchy and now I need to put it back. I made a quiche and fresh spinach butternut squash ravioli. Law is fun but hard. Beautiful sky. Can’t stop watching Avatar. And judging from the baby pic I’ve been a disassociating little freak who romanticizes the '70s for my whole life. That’s all, thank you," she rambled in the written caption.

When Instagram user @@nathaniel_carney asked the performer why she is studying constitutional law, Halsey explained, "I’m studying for the bar exam!"

Looks like Kim Kardashian isn't the only celebrity studying up on law in their spare time!

See Halsey's full post, below:

While it's unclear specifically why Halsey has taken up law, the pop star has been an outspoken advocate for justice—particularly for women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community—for quite some time. She's also been open about her political beliefs and endorsed Bernie Sanders back in March:

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