Sometimes, no matter how stringent the safety measures on a movie set are, someone gets punched in the face. Stunt accidents happen all the time to even the best and most careful actors, but it’s always better when it’s an accident among co-stars who get along. It seems like Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford have become friends during production on Blade Runner 2049, but of course friendship couldn’t stop Gosling from taking an unexpected punch to the nose.

In this new profile with GQ, Gosling discusses his new film La La Land, as well as the Blade Runner sequel and that time Indiana Jones gave him a knuckle sandwich.

Yeah, he did [punch me in the face]. It was kind of, you know, a rite of passage. We were just doing a fight scene and, you know, it just happened. But what was funny was, when it was over, they brought ice for my face, and Harrison pushed me out of the way and stuck his fist in the ice. [He laughs.] I asked him the other day where he got his sense of humor from—was it from his mother or his father? He said, ‘Sears.’ And he didn’t have much time to shop around so he just had to grab one and get out.

You can almost hear that “Sears” in Ford’s characteristic growly I’ll-entertain-you-children-with-a-joke-but-then-leave-me-alone voice. It sounds like Deckard and Gosling’s character might get into a fight or two at some point in the movie, but we’re not sure exactly when or why. Hopefully it’s just a minor misunderstanding amongst fellow replicant hunters. Ford did apologize in an appropriately Fordian way, bringing Gosling a bottle of scotch, pouring him a bit, and then taking the rest for himself.

He came by afterward with this bottle of scotch, and I thought, ‘Oh, I knew this was coming.’ And he pulled out a glass from his pocket, poured me a glass, and walked away with the rest of the bottle. So I guess he felt like he didn't connect enough to earn a whole bottle. [He smiles.] You know, they say don’t meet your heroes, but I would say the addendum to that is ‘…unless they're Harrison Ford.’ ’Cause he’s a cool motherf-----.

Hearing about these two getting along on set is encouraging. According to Collider, Gosling said that they’d been shooting for “weeks” before Ford showed up on set, which probably means that Deckard will be more of a secondary character in the sequel. Or it means that Ford just didn’t feel like coming until later. Which wouldn’t be too surprising.

Blade Runner 2049 opens October 6, 2017.

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