If there's one thing social media can't handle, it's anniversaries in the Harry Potter Universe. Today is a particularly special one, and Twitter is flowing with feels.

September 1 marks the tradition in which witches and wizards board the Hogwarts Express for their first day of classes in the new year. However, this September 1 is extra special as it's the exact day Harry Potter's children head off for their first day of school 19 years after the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Early this morning, author JK Rowling reminded the world, as if they could possibly forget.

With that announcement, Rowling opened the flood gates to an innumerable amount of replies, all of which expressed their gratitude, heartbreak, and joy over the series.

Hundreds of people even showed up to the real King's Cross to mark the occasion, which I'm sure made the early morning commutes for anyone completely oblivious to the anniversary extremely happy.

At least the transit authority had a good sense of humor about it all.

I'm sure your feed will be filled with as much joy and sadness as the rest of ours, provided you can even make sense of it through all the tears. Think there's a spell for that...

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