Harry Styles has become his own sweet creature — a report says he called a survivor of the bombings at Ariana Grande's May 22 concert in Manchester, England to check in and make sure she was recovering well.

According to The Manchester Evening Newsa 14-year-old named Freya Lewis got a lovely message from Styles while in the hospital. Lewis had suffered burns, cuts and shrapnel wounds from the blast, which ultimately killed more than 20 and injured close to 60.

"The phone rang, and it was Harry Styles," Lewis' family wrote in a blog post. "Freya woke up, Harry said he loved her, she said she loved him, then Dad said he loved him! The PICU unit at Manchester Children's Hospital has just been given a lift like you cannot imagine! Harry, we salute you sir."

Styles previously paid tribute to the survivors and victims of the attack during a show in Mexico.

Grande, herself, addressed the attacks in a May 26 post on Twitter, through which she apologized to her many fans, expressed her love for each and urged the world to practice kindness and empathy.

“We will not quit or operate in fear," she said. "We won’t let this divide us. We won’t let hate win. I don’t want to go the rest of the year without being able to see and hold and uplift my fans, the same way they continue to uplift me.”

Photos From Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour:

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