One Direction hottie Harry Styles and 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' beauty Kendall Jenner hit it off when they hit the slopes! But what does Hazza see in Jenner, who's pretty much the complete opposite of his other high-profile ex, Taylor Swift?

You know, besides publicity.

If certain insiders are to be believed, Styles doesn't see much -- at least past the surface. His attraction to Jenner is almost purely physical! (But can you blame him? She's beautiful!)

A source dished, "Harry is a playboy, living by his own rules and the rules of a 19-year-old boy who can pretty much dictate the life he wants to live and the life of a guy who can get any girl he wants. This is nothing serious with Kendall, but he enjoys hooking up with her because she is super hot."

Fair enough, right? But if you listen to this particular insider, that's pretty much the only nice thing Styles sees in Jenner. The source added, "He can manage her boringness because the other hookup stuff is obviously enjoyable to him. And if he can also do stuff with her that is fun like skiing, he can downgrade her limitations in the boring department. It's a win win."

Ouch! It sounds like a pretty one-sided win -- for Styles -- and a heartbreak waiting to happen for Jenner. PopCrushers, do you think they're the real deal? Sound off in the comments!

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