I know as a kid I was intrigued by bubbles, they kept me entertained for hours at a time. But I never really stopped to study the science of them.

Well, that's all about to change at The Science Spectrum in Lubbock.

This Saturday, November 17th, you can learn the science of bubbles at BubbleFest.

This is a great opportunity for kids to have fun while learning. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

Some of the hands-on events include:

  •  Kid-in-a-Bubble (put yourself INSIDE a giant bubble!)
  •  Bubble Catching
  •  Make and Take Bubble Wands
  • Frozen and Floating Bubbles
  • Annual Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
  • Giant Outdoor Bubbles
  • Bubbles in Science

BubbleFest events are included with admission. For more information, you can visit the Science Spectrum online.

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