Remember when Pumped Up Kicks first hit?  It was crazy, we all went from "who the hell is Foster the People" to "wow Foster the People rocks!"  Well if you liked the sound and feel of that debut hit single, your going to love this new track called Don't Stop (Color On The Wall)!

The song has a good, fun, up-beat/happy feel to it that keeps you nodding your head the entire 2 minutes and 52 seconds of it.  A familiar sound comes in the form of whistling, just like you heard a beat whistled all through Pumped Up Kicks, you will in this song as well.

It's fun, it's happy, it's something you can crank up and cruise to!  The kind of song that puts a smile on my face!  It's great to hear new artists keeping fresh tracks coming out, trying to avoid slipping into that one hit wonder category that so many fall into.

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