We've busted the seal on some fresh new music on 96.9 KISS-FM so make sure you listen up for it all week!  We've got the new track that Rihanna just dropped called You Da One.  You'll get an eargasm when you hear the new Gym Class Heroes - Ass Back Home!  B.O.B. and Lil Wayne team up and get all up in your ear hole with Strange Clouds!  Jay-Z & Kanye West take us to Paris.  Last but not least, Coldplay returns to the airwaves in a duet with Rihanna called Princess of China!

My love is your love, your love is my love, my love is this new Rihanna song called You Da One!  This is not your typical, high beat Rihanna track!  It's got a mellow beat to it that fits the Fall weather.  A song you don't mind jamming loud with your windows still rolled up and the heater on blast.  If your looking for a song that fits the way you feel about that special someone in your life, check this track out it will be a perfect fit!

I've been a fan of the Gym Class Heroes since I first heard the mash up with Patrick Stump called Cupid's Choke-hold.  These guys have a unique sound and you'll get a taste of that proven perfect sound in this new jam Ass Back Home.  Now, don't let the title mislead you, even though I can't wait to say the title on the radio, it's not like that.  He's not singing about the girls back home in a naughty way like your thinking by the title.  It's his girl telling him to get his Ass Back Home!  Very good jam that I know your going to have some ear drool over.

For the first time ever we get to hear a mash up from B.O.B. and Lil Wayne!  This one is definitely the one that titillates me the most!  Almost gets my nipples hard just thinking about these to teaming up!  And let me tell you the beat, the lyrics, the feel of the song, this song has huge potential!  Allow the duet to sneak into your cerebral cortex and you definitely won't be mad!

This next track from Jay-Z and Kanye West is actually pretty good!  I gotta admit, I hated Otis, and really haven't been a fan of any of the songs these 2 have done together.  But allow me to get gangster for a second when I say this Paris song, this sh!t is CRAY DUDE!  Good mash up FINALLY from these 2!

Another first time team up coming at you here!  Coldplay and Rihanna, who'd of thunk it?  And let me tell you this one is good!  It's doesn't have that rather lame sound you get from Coldplay's songs like Clocks, instead it's almost got a trance/dub step feel to it.  And it's got RIHANNA in it!  Her voice, with his voice, with the literal symphony of sound coming from the band, OMG this is a good song!

Listen all week to hear all these new songs exclusively on 96.9 KISS-FM and as always, please let me know your favorite!

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