Teachers are, for the most part, amazing individuals. We all can agree that they do a job that often comes with little to no thanks.

What some of us don't know or understand, is that many teachers have to buy their own school supplies for their classrooms. It's not subsidized. There's no budget for it. It comes out of the teacher's pocket.

A hashtag has started trending. #Clearthelist is an online movement made to help teachers get school supplies for their rooms, without having to break the bank.

Here's how it works; a teacher creates a wish list on Amazon, shares that list, and people "clear the list" for them. Pretty simple.

According to one article, it all started on Facebook. A group of teachers go together to help each other out. From there, it's moved on to the rest of the Net, and is gaining traction as we move closer to the school year.

A big thank you to a Pre K teacher in Borger for the heads up that this was going on. Here is her list. Other lists are available. Just search for #clearthelist.

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