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News reports are already coming out about holiday porch pirates. This is a busy time of year for those looking to take unattended packages from your front porch.

Here are a few items I found that you could pick up to help ward off these would be thieves.



    Get A Camera

    These cameras are getting pretty sophisticated, and can actually be purchased without destroying your wallet.

    This camera has motion detection, night vision, 2-way audio so you can talk to whoever is at your door, app alerts for when you're away, and even has a deterrent alarm.


    Blind Them With Flood Lights

    These flood lights I found claim to be "super bright" and actually have some pretty decent reviews. The reviews say it is easy to mount, and you can easily get the angles you are wanting.

  • Debark

    Get A Doorbell Camera

  • Beamshot

    Bear Trap

    You could always just leave racoon and bear traps scattered across your yard. Sure this would make it tough on the delivery guy who is dropping off the package you ordered, but any thief would have to be crazy to try and navigate a yard littered with these and who knows what else.

    Also, today I learned you can buy a bear trap on Amazon. They really do have everything.