We're all familiar with the Seven Wonders of the World. Here are the Seven Wonders of Amarillo. Things that are unique to living in Yellow City.

  • 1

    Palo Duro Canyon

    While not technically in Amarillo, the canyon is still something we can be proud of. Plus, there is nothing better than flying out of Amarillo, and getting a bird's eye view of the canyon.

  • 2

    Cadillac Ranch

    While most people I know roll their eyes when you bring up the half buried husks of automobiles we call Cadillac Ranch, that doesn't stop it from being a big tourist draw. For added fun when you go to see it, keep track of how many different languages you hear being spoken while you're there.

  • 3

    Floating Mesa

    The conditions have to be just right in order for this one to work, but when it works...it's actually kinda neat. Worth driving by in the right conditions.

  • 4

    The Nat

    Yes, it's an antique store. It may be haunted. But there's more to it than that. There is a ton of history within those walls; history that makes Amarillo a cultural focal point at one time.

  • 5


    The ballpark in Amarillo gets a mention because it has exceeded the expectations of pretty much everyone. Naysayers claimed that no one would go. Enthusiasts hoped people would show up. The team is winning, the ballpark has been ranked as best AA park in the nation, and we've got a streak of sold out games that just won't stop.

  • 6


    If you didn't enjoy the dark humor of Dr. Strangelove before coming to Amarillo, you will soon enough.

  • 7


    If someone came through and didn't know any better, they would think that we worship some kind of orange colored, cone shaped, god. The construction will never end. Whether it is construction projects from the city, or the state, they will go on into eternity. Of this we can be certain. At least we're consistent.

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