I know it can be annoying when it happens. Your phone starts buzzing and beeping this incredibly loud sound even though you have all the sounds turned off on your phone. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the day, and other times it can be at 3 am and it wakes you out of a deep sleep.

However, the Amber Alert has proven to be an extremely resourceful tool as many of the kids that have been "featured" in the tool have been successfully recovered, and a good majority of them are recovered in a short period of time.

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Some of them are runaways and have no intention of coming home, some are abducted by random people, and some by family members. Sadly, not all the kids end up being found, and some do but under not ideal circumstances.

Amarillo is no exception to this rule. We've followed the story of Dorien Thomas for over 20 years and still hold out hope as a community that he's found. He's not the only one that is still missing in the city though. Here is a look at some of the children that went missing under the age of 18 that haven't been found in the Amarillo area.

The Missing Kids Of Amarillo

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