Ohhhh ya gotta love the spring and summer in the Panhandle.

I mean, there is that saying "April showers bring May flowers" right?

Well, the flowers never got a chance to get started in the Amarillo area yesterday, and if you were in Hereford, any flowers that were thinking about blooming have probably been set back a good month.

An extremely dangerous storm whipped through the Panhandle yesterday and left a ton of destruction in its wake. As we were entering Amarillo from our drive back from Elk City, our phones started blowing up with severe weather alerts as we drove into the rain.

We managed to avoid it as we finished our drive, dealing with just a bit of rain. However, no one seemed to get it worse than Hereford.

Reports were coming in with hail as big as baseballs. I don't know about you, but I know just how big a baseball is. If there are THAT many baseballs falling from the sky, I know some major damage is about to take place.

When it was all said and done, there were plenty of people with shattered car windows, businesses with destroyed awnings and other things, and one house that looks like a machine gun unloaded on it.

So with the first MAJOR storm of the season behind us, it begs the question, are we about to endure more? The simple answer to that is, most likely. We all know the weather in the Panhandle is unlike anyone else, and storms seem to crop up out of nowhere.

Let's hope there's no more storms like the one we just saw, but I'd say it's safe to say we need to be on the lookout for at least one more like this.

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