Your resume is a window into your work soul, but, come on, we know we're not really telling the whole story, right?

While you may boast about how productivity increased 300% at your last job (despite the fact you had nothing to do with it) or that you know how to use Excel (which you don't), there are just a boatload of other facts we don't share with prospective employers. And that's too bad because those facts are the interesting ones. You know, the ones you brag about friends and then say, "It's too bad I could never use that to get a job."

Let's be honest -- you can't write "can touch tongue with nose," "able to drink a whole beer in under five seconds" or "once binge-watched Fuller House," which is tragic. Those are the accomplishments and talents where you really shine and are most proud of sharing. A potential boss may not care.

Twitter certainly cares, though. That's why #HighlightsOfMyResume was trending on Monday (June 19). The hashtag gave people the opportunity to express those skills they'd like to put on their CV. Who knows, maybe somebody looking to make a hire will be amused by someone with a flare for getting likes and retweets by being snarky?

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