Many Amarillo people want to help restore the holiday spirit in Newtown after the tragic shooting, but wonder what can they do?  The fact is, no amount of money can bring back anyone's child nor can it heal them.  However, show you care without spending a dollar, and help restore the Christmas spirit in Newtown?  That's RIGHT ON!

I caught up with Heather Geller from News Channel 10 yesterday, and we talked about what KISS-FM is doing in an effort to do just that.

We have 2 more Wrap It Up events coming, 1 today (12/18/12) from 4-7p at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center, and the final is Friday (12/21/12) at Sam's Club from 4-7p as well.

We'll have professional gift wrappers that will be wrapping your Christmas presents FREE!  We wanna help reduce that holiday stress and this is a great way!

But wait, there's more!  We'll have Santa Clause hanging out too!  Bring the kids and the camera and get free pics with Santa!  We're also encouraging you to have your children make a Christmas card they can give to Santa for their peers in Newtown.  Santa will deliver the cards to Newtown this Saturday!  We're not asking for money, we're just asking that we all show how much we care and sympathize with the families and friends that lost someone last week.

So bring the kids, your camera, some presents for our wrappers to wrap, and a card for the families and friends in Newtown out to our Wrap It Up events and help us restore the holiday spirit in Newtown.

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