Why are people booing Charlie Sheen & walking out on his "events"?  Oh wait I know why, because he's a delusional, drug addcited--DRUNK!  He get's boo'd off stage in NY on Monday night and fresh from that, last night in Boston, he's boo'd off stage again!

The Boston Globe says…

Just before 10 last night, as hundreds of disgusted spectators streamed toward the exits at Agganis Arena, Charlie Sheen shouted from the stage: “Wait, don’t leave! I’m not done!’’
But most of them kept right on going, and who could blame them? For nearly 90 minutes they had been subjected to a witless barrage of non sequiturs, non-stories, non-jokes — a non-event, start to finish.
When the dreary debacle was finally over, the applause died before Sheen had even left the stage.

Wait, don't leave, I'm not done yet?  Sounds like something I told my girlfriend last night in bed lol but just like the unsatisfied spectators of Sheen, she kept on walking.  But let's face it if your dumb enough to buy a ticket to attend one of his lectures, you don't deserve a good show!  Why do these people keep stroking his, uh, oh yeah EGO?  2 words...............STOP IT!