One of the best parts about road trips is getting to see all of the random landmarks and giant prairie dogs that are along the way. You know the billboards I'm talking about. "See the world's largest squirrel!" it blares in your face.

Those things are relatively easy to spot. Big landmarks that stand out but you have no idea what they actually are or mean are a constant on road trips. Even driving through old, little towns that haven't been updated in 60 years because they're either historic or just add to the charm of the town.

One thing I bet you didn't realize in your travels though is the amount of "memorial highways" along the way. These highways are a chance to pay homage to people that played a significant role in American history or in local history, and there are quite a few of them throughout Texas.

If you ever wanted to know how many of these memorial highways actually exist in Texas, all you have to do is go to the TXDOT website to see them. It's staggering how many are out there.

Just taking a look around Amarillo and the panhandle, there are at least ten that I could see. Some of the highways end up switching whose memorial highway it is along the way, but that is a part of the local history of these people. Most of the time, it's named after someone who was significant to a particular area or region.

Some of the highways memorialize entire groups of people as well, so it's not always dedicated to a particular individual.

If you want to take a look at these highways, and maybe plan your next road trip around them, you can see the entire state of Texas and all its memorial highways here.

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