The NFL is gearing up for the upcoming season, training camp has started and then in a few weeks first NFL game. For some of us this has been a long summer without football. How about the Canadian Football League ever watched or heard about them?

Last night flipping through channels, I stumbled upon a CFL game on ESPN. Yes football playing on a Thursday in July, the Montreal Alouettes taking on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The game went down to the very last play, which was the winning play .

Throughout the broadcast they had info about how the CFL works. this is what info I got, The league only has 9 teams divided in two division East and West. The game is based on the NFL, but with different rules than here in the states.

  • an NFL field is 100 yards long from one end zone to the other. Then from goal line to goal line  on the CFL field is 110 yards long.
  • The end zones are different, the CFL's are 20 yards deep with the NFL end zones being 10 yards deep.
  • Also the width of the field is a big change. In the NFL, the width of the field from sideline to sideline is 53 and 1/3 yards while the CFL's width is 65 yards.
  • Another difference is the number of downs the teams haves you four

That is a small list, but you can click up top to find out more on the differences between the two leagues.  Also did find out games do happen on Friday and Saturday up to the end of November, so tonight the Edmonton Eskimos take on the BC Lions at 8:30 on ESPN.

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