If you have found yourself working from home, have you changed any of your daily habits? Maybe you aren't buying that expensive coffee anymore. Or maybe you are using less product in your hair since you will only be seen on a webcam. A new online calculator bets that if you have changed anything about your normal routine, you have already started saving money.

According to Zippia The Career Expert, the average worker in the United States could save as much as $5,000 from a new work from home routine. Not just money, they say you could tack on additional time each week that you spent traveling to and from work, going out to buy daily coffee, and spending time talking around the water cooler. If you following the old saying that time is money, then you are saving a lot of both. For me, the savings was way greater than $5,000, in fact I was almost triple this amount for a year. Plus my time saved was over 130 days worth of time for the same year. That is a lot of money and time!

The online calculator works using these rules to figure out your savings:

  • $.59/mile and 2 minutes per mile driving to and from work
  • $.50 and 15 minutes per shower
  • $1.25 and 30 minutes per groom session
  • $10 for each lunch purchased out
  • $3 for each coffee purchased out
  • 1hr of talking to coworkers each day
  • 1hr of Zoom meetings each day

Even with having a short commute here in Amarillo, I couldn't believe how much just my trip in and back from the radio station was costing me each year. Check the calculator out for yourself by clicking here. Keep in mind, if you are spending your day online shopping now, then this calculator probably won't work for you. What are you going to do with all that saved money and time?

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