A Healthy Lifestyle
Leading a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, some of which extend past your body's ability to fight illness and fatigue. Having the ability to combat disease will enable you to live a longer and happier life so you can enjoy time with loved ones that much more, not to mention the psychological aspects. When someone is healthy, they are abundantly happier every day. Your state of health can affect your attitude at work, the way you handle stressful situations and boost your self esteem. Think about it: how many fit, active people do you know that seem down all the time? Join an exercise class!

Health can drastically improve your outlook and also fight illness. Here are a few simple steps to take toward becoming more healthy:
1. Exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week.
2. Increase the fiber in your diet to at least 25 grams a day
3. Eliminate processed food and eat more salad
4. Take pharmaceutical grade supplements daily, such as:

  • Fish Oil
  • A pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin
  • Digestive enzymes - as we get older, our bodies produce less, resulting in indigestion and poor absorption of nutrients in our food
  • A pharmaceutical grade Probiotic - the "good" bacteria that helps maintain a healthy gut

Homeopathy is a unique system of treating health issues. Homeopathy uses the theory of treating an illness with a very diluted product that could cause the same symptoms as the illness itself. Often, the theory is that you enhance your body’s ability to eliminate or neutralize the illness - not unlike the mechanism of vaccines or building immunity to allergens with allergy shots.

We have several other remedies as well, please come by to talk to one of our Pharmacists.

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