I don't think that anyone would argue the point that times are tough. If you are struggling with food insecurity, there is help available this Sunday, August 30.

On Sunday, the High Plains Food Bank will be distributing 16lb food boxes that contain 4lbs of dry food goods, 6lbs of protein, and 6lbs of produce. They have teamed up with Bethesda Outreach and Tyson Foods for the event.

To ensure the safety of the staff and volunteers, and those who come to pick up a box, the distribution of the boxes will be done via drive-thru. You will be able to stay inside your vehicle, and all of the staff will be wearing masks and gloves.

They will be distributing boxes at Bethesda Outreach. They are located at 1101 Fritch Hwy.

We're almost in the fall months, and there doesn't seem to be many indications that we'll be back to life like it was in 2019 any time soon. There are a lot of people who have been out of work, or have seen their paychecks get smaller since this all began.

The High Plains Food Bank has done an amazing job stepping up, and ramping up their efforts in the wake of everything that has happened in 2020. They've distributed millions of pounds of food since the beginning of the pandemic.

Recently, news came out that the High Plains Food Bank is once again looking to bring on more volunteers. I imagine the need for these volunteers can't be emphasized enough, considering the amount of food they have been distributing all throughout the panhandle.


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