With 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' just around the corner, our sister site ScreenCrush decided to get hyped with some crazy awesome facts about 'Catching Fire.' Check out the video above -- but be prepared to have your minds blown.

Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence picked up a paycheck for half a million in the first 'Hunger Games' film? Well, that's nothing compared to her 'Catching Fire' salary -- even if she did end up partially deaf while filming. Say what?! And remember the scene where Jena Malone's character Johanna Mason totally strips in the elevator? Well, let's just say that the scene was shot at a Marriott hotel -- and one very lucky guest got an eyeful.

For many more little-known facts about 'Catching Fire' -- including which actors and actresses were determined to play a role -- peep the video above.

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