There are an awful lot of Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynoldses? Ryan Reynoldsi?) hanging out on one particular suburban street in Hyundai's "Ryanville" spot airing during Super Bowl 50. Apparently, he can be rather distracting to women when they're driving. (Hmmm ... do we detect an ever-so-slight bit of sexism here?)

Fortunately, the car these women are in can detect pedestrians, so no matter how badly they want to leer at Ryan Reynolds doing construction work, or Ryan Reynolds playing front-lawn football with other Ryan Reynoldses, or Officer Ryan Reynolds issuing traffic tickets -- there's no risk of an accident.

No idea if this technology actually works in real life, as opposed to just "Ryanville," but either way we've had just about enough Ryan Reynoldseses for the foreseeable future. (Sorry, Deadpool.)

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