The news has been buzzing about the IRS' page devoted to helping you get your COVID-19 relief payment, or stimulus check. I had some friends tell me all about it, and they were really excited.

I went and checked it out, and there's good and bad news. Which most of us would know if we paid a little bit better attention to the news we're getting.

The good news is for those who normally don't file their taxes. Your part of the site is up and running, and you can fill out the needed form to get your payment.

Charlie Hardin

If you file your taxes, or are considered a "filer," you're going to have to wait. I went to check on the status of my payment and the button you click on is grayed out. It says that this will be available in mid-April.

By my count, that's in a couple of days.

Over the weekend, I was talking with my in-laws and the issue of the relief payment came up. Despite hearing about it constantly in the news, there's a lot of confusion surrounding it.

If you filed this year or last year, you should be fine. Especially if you used direct deposit to get your refund. If that's not you, then the site is already set up for you to get your information to the IRS so you can get your relief money.

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