It's your typical Cinderella story.  Dude turns into a cast member from Fast & Furious, tries to race cops, looses his buzz and stash when officers arrest him.  Note to self, don't try to race cops, duly noted self thank you.

Any-who, the driver of a Ford Mustang, known for a few drivers being level headed people and the rest being pretty freaking far from chill, decided he was going to rev up the V8 at police officers.

The driver then did that always welcomed step on the breaks and peel out the back tires while sitting still so it looks like you're going to hit me and I have my son in the car stupid...sorry got a little off.  Moving on, the police were in an unmarked vehicle, which in most cases, you can totally tell are in fact police.  The light turned green like his pot stash and he mashed the gas right into a sideways moving car.

This of course made officers raise an eyebrow, but not before committing to the protect and serve oath and turning on emergency equipment to stop this sideways sliding Mustang.  Because we all know the driver was pretty freaking far from wanting to stop the insanity he was living.

"Officers in the unmarked vehicle then activated their emergency equipment and stopped the mustang at 300 SE 10th. The driver was identified as Terry Deon Noble W/M 46. Noble was removed from the car due to officers observed a black pistol case sitting in the passenger seat. A check of the gun case revealed several plastic baggies containing methamphetamine. Noble was arrested and transported to Potter County on charges of Man/Del of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 more  than 1 gram less than 4 grams, and for Exhibition of Acceleration."


Oh it was methamphetamines, I stand corrected, I was guessing giggle weed...well then...