Do we need to start training restaurant employees in self-defense? How does this crazy sh#t keep happening? I'm absolutely amazed.

Here we have another case of violence on fast-food employees just doing their job by telling a customer that the store policy does not allow multiple flavors in one slushie. A massive fight ensues over an item that isn't even on the menu.

This should be a non-issue. Get TF over it, psycho.

This woman flies into a rage, punches an employee behind the counter, screams profanities, and acts like a lunatic, all because she couldn't get her way. There is no excuse for this behavior. These employees did not sign up to be assaulted by entitled customers. They signed up to sell burgers.

After the initial assault takes place, the woman casually walks away and looks as though she is just refilling a drink with some ice, then comes back and tries to get the slushie she wants again. She walks right behind the counter, a place customers aren't even allowed to be, and attacks them again for the second time, or maybe third or fourth, even, if you count the breaks between the initial one. What a lovely woman!

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The police step in and take her to jail quickly after that, which is my FAVORITE part of the video. This kind of crap cannot be tolerated, and living in a society that demands what they want when they want it, or else, is not the kind of place that anyone wants to be. What happened to manners?

Why do people keep ordering their food with a side of violence?

Working in the foodservice industry for the majority of my life, I have seen many instances of extreme customer entitlement. I've heard people say terrible things to cooks and waitresses, putting them down as if they were servants in a castle. The number one way to never eat dinner with me again is by being rude to someone at a restaurant. I will never forgive you. I can find no instance that it is appropriate.

If you think the people working those jobs are below you and deserve to be talked down to, punched, harassed, screamed at, or any other such abuse, then why don't you go make a slushie at your own house and punch yourself in the face instead! Add whatever stupid flavors you want to it! Start your own damn slushie business if you want to make the rules! The world is your oyster, clearly, and you know better than everyone else.

I'm sick of seeing this kind of behavior toward my homies in the industry that the pandemic has utterly crushed already over the past year and a half. If you can't act right at McDonald's, then just stay the hell home.

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