There is no other feeling like the anticipation that comes from gambling.  It is a kind of adrenaline rush.  Nobody knows what the outcome will be-win or lose.  If you like to gamble but do not live near a casino, there is a new way to get that rush:  credit card roulette.

I have never been a huge gambler, but it is fun to do from time to time.  This game is perfect if you like a game of chance.  Of course, there are different variations of the game, but the best way to play is with a group of close friends.

Credit card roulette is a game of chance so be prepared for the worst but hope for the best.  It's all or nothing!

So here's how you play.  You and a group of close friends head out to your favorite restaurant for a nice dinner.  Enjoy talking and catching up.  Then when the meal is over, each person hands the waitress or waiter a credit card.  They will then randomly pick a card out.  Whoever the card belongs to is responsible for paying the entire bill and the rest of the table eats for free.

Or an even better way to play is to hand the credit cards to the server, and then do an elimination process.  The anticipation will be even more intense, especially if you are one of the two last people.

Now, of course, this is gambling, so never take a risk if you are not prepared to lose.  If you and your friends regularly eat out together, this game would be great.  But if you are with a huge crowd, the bill is probably going to be huge and not so fun to pay.

Nobody likes losing, but to enjoy a free meal from time to time is awesome.  It's all or nothing!

Would you ever play?  What's the most you would risk losing?

Check out this video of a group of guys playing for an bill that's over $800.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem you can get help here.