One of the web's most vicious rap beefs may finally be coming to an end.

After Azealia Banks extended an olive branch to Iggy Azalea, even going so far as to play with the idea of a collaboration between the two women, Iggy Azalea responded on Snapchat, musing about the possibility to move forward and come to an agreement.

"So I just got back from a trip today and I had a lot of fun and I was thinking about everything, especially the crazy internet," Iggy shares in the clip. "I was thinking a lot about feminism and forgiveness and being a grown up. I kind of want to meet up with Azealia Banks and speak to her."

"That’s how, that’s what I’m thinking at the moment. I just would really like for us to at least be able to come to an understanding and I don’t think that I’m going to agree with her on every topic or that she’ll agree with me but I do think that we should privately have a conversation. It’s just kind of been a lot of years worth of negativity with this person and I just want to finish that chapter of my life," she continues.

In addition to ending the negativity, Azalea adds that "if nothing else I think that it would be good for history and female rap for us just to be able to squash s---."

"B---h, I’m tired. I don’t want to keep fighting with this motherf---er. I can’t do it. I can’t," she sighs.

Watch below:

Banks and Azalea have been going at it since late 2014, when the "212" rapper accused the "Fancy" singer of not speaking out on black issues while appropriating hip hop culture, to which Azalea responded by calling Banks a "bigot." Their feud has become so iconic in the music industry that it was spoofed by SNL in 2015. Even Charli XCX threw her hat into the ring.

Hopefully the two rap stars will be able to let bygones be bygones, move forward and maybe, just maybe, make music together.

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