I've been through more Note 2's than I can count over the past few months getting the same factory defaults, so it was time to use the insurance and upgrade to the new Note 4.  I'll have it tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm rocking this gangsta phone!  Do you know how long it takes me to send a two word text on this thing?  My e-tip gloves are useless!

With the fact of the matter being that these flip phones were da bomb not that long ago, I've realized I'm pretty spoiled, we as humans are pretty spoiled.

As the amazing customer service rep pulled the "loaner phone" out, I literally said: "Are you giving me a flip phone?  Do you watch Sons of Anarchy?  I'm going to look like some drug dealing gangster with a burner phone!"

We had some good laughs, and I gotta say what's up to Marisa, Michelle & Brittany working Best Buy Mobile!  They made this transition to the stone ages humorous at least!

Can I last less than 24 hours without a smart phone?  Not sure...but I really feel like jamming the Ghetto Boys right now!

Gotta go with the clean version for the kiddos.  Cuz real gangstas don't need to use profanity...cuz everything's cool in the mind of a gangsta.  When the fry dies down what the fork you gonna do?  Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!


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