Is the future of Rob & Chyna—the TV show, not necessarily the couple—looking bleak?

According to TMZ, "production sources" on the E! series have yet to order a second season of the reality show and the reason, apparently, is that show-runners can't get the famous pair together long enough to shoot as a couple.

TMZ previously reported that Rob Kardashian has become withdrawn once again and uncomfortable with appearing on camera, and while the site claims that E! would be willing to consider shooting with "TV ratings gold" Blac Chyna on her own solo series, if her fiancee doesn't participate more actively in Season 1, the first run of Rob & Chyna may also be its last.

With the couple's ongoing family-related strife and social media freakouts, as well as a baby on the way and a possible wedding in the near future, the reality TV series has plenty of drama to dig into. Unfortunately, whether viewers get to see it unfold on air remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, a source recently told PEOPLE that Kardashian is "not in a good place" when it comes to the show.

"Rob's definitely not in a good place," a source told the magazine. "Filming makes Rob uncomfortable and he's still trying to get used to that lifestyle."

Another source told Entertainment Tonight that the pair is simply not on the same page: "If you ask Rob, he'll say they're having issues. If you ask Chyna, she'll say they are not together. Their relationship is not in a good place right now but they are working on it."

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