The short answer is no, Jon Bon Jovi is still alive and well, so you will have to suffer through more of his music.  I mean his older music is good, but the new crap is just that, crap!  Anyways, an internet rumor sparked this fire, making the nation panic in fear of the loss of the Livin' on a Prayer singer.

But it is in fact just that, a rumor.  The picture (to the left <-----) was taken today and posted via twitter and facebook by Jon himself.

In the picture , we see Bon Jovi alive and well.  He's holding a sign that says "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey", and the sign also includes today's date.  Thus proving that he is not dead.

When the Mormon's got word that Jon said Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey, they immediately lost their Joseph Smith loving minds and sent out a statement saying "Heaven looks like Utah!"  Then the Scientologists went on to say how they are going to sue Bon Jovi.  So basically this death rumor has screwed him.  He should've just played along.

It has me pondering, when celebrities die and go to Heaven, do they get a nicer mansion then the rest of us?  Hmmmm, is God a fan of Bon Jovi?  What if he get's there and God starts screaming like a teenage girl?  Ahh the wonders of the afterlife!