Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again...

I swear this needs to become the slogan for Lubbock County at this point. Not to mention they're about to, or maybe already have, taken over a title that the Las Vegas area has laid claim to for decades.

Lubbock County, the prostitution capital of the United States. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Well no, not really. This isn't exactly something the panhandle area needs to be associated with, but unfortunately, it officially is.

Last weekend, there were 23 arrests made in relation to prostitution in Lubbock County, and that's just by me counting the number of mugshots and charges I saw related to it on the Lubbock County Mugshots Facebook page. It's quite possible there are more.

One of the people nabbed in the sting was the softball coach at Bushland High School. Yes, he immediately tendered his resignation as he's got bigger things to deal with right now, and I'm not sure how many parents want their daughter playing for someone who's been arrested for solicitation.

So why is this a fool me once kind of situation? Well, there was a sting JUST LIKE THIS the weekend prior in Lubbock County the weekend prior to this one. You would think that after a big sting, a lot of these people would want to lay low. Instead, it seems as if they came out in double the numbers.

I didn't go back to the previous weekend to count all those up, but I know when I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook that weekend, it seemed every time the Lubbock County Mugshots page showed up on it, the charges were related to something prostitution-related.

The charges for prostitution can be pretty harsh in Texas, it's not something the state takes lightly. Soliciting a prostitute is considered a state jail felony for a first-time offender, and can land you in jail for up to two years along with a fine of up to $10,000. It gets even worse if you get nailed soliciting again.

We can only hope that Lubbock County residents are learning their lesson. The police are out on full force to stop prostitution in the county, so it might be best to find a different avenue if that's what you're seeking.

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