During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many businesses were forced to close their doors. While restaurants were hit hard, they were able to quickly adapt with curbside pickup and delivery services. While it wasn't the most ideal situation, at least they had a plan to keep the doors open retain as many employees as they could. Even though we are not back to 100% just yet, the restaurants that were planning to reopen have done so. However, the Carl's Jr. on 45th is still closed.

I first noticed this several weeks ago when sitting at the traffic light on 45th and Bell. I noticed many cars pull in, walk to the door, then turn around and leave. Even without dine in options at that time, Carl's Jr. still had a drive thru which I couldn't figure out why it was closed. I shrugged it off and figured they would be reopening soon.

Credit: Braden Smith
Credit: Braden Smith

On Tuesday, June 11, I drove back past the location and noticed they were still closed. I found it weird since so much business had returned, especially restaurants, so I pulled in to see what I could find out. I first noticed that all the menu boards had been taken down from the drive thru. Then I went to see the letter on the door. Here is what it said:

Due to current events and the lack of sales. We are temporarily CLOSED until the current events have passed over. Thank you for being such a loyal customer. Stay safe! -Management.

That sadly was all the information I was able to find out. I am hoping that the franchisee will reach out to me after reading this story to give me an update on what is going on. I hate to see another establishment close here in Amarillo. It just struck me weird to see a restaurant like Carl's Jr. with a full service drive thru closed. Hopefully it is only temporary.

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