Can you pass this quiz?

Pokemon Go has obviously become very popular over the past few weeks. You've probably seen people out roaming the streets with their phones in the air, searching for Pikachu or whatever it is they're searching for.

Basically, Pokemon are a fictional species that can be trained by humans to fight each other for sport. There are over 700 Pokemon, which probably makes Pokemon Go really stressful. The Pikachu is the most common Pokemon and often considered a mascot for the Pokemon. If you thought Pikachu was the only one, you were mistaken. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, neither do I.

Pokemon itself has been around since the early 90's, so it's probably older than a lot of the Pokemon Go players. The Japanese franchise developed video games, trading cards, anime, and a television show about the Pokemon.

Since this sensation has become so popular, we decided to look at some of the weirdest town in Texas and see if people could tell the difference between them and the Pokemon.

Take our quiz and find out!

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