Look up and you’ll wonder "What's that star?" There is a bright object shining above the horizon. But it is no star. It is Jupiter. The massive gas giant planet is showing off for us mere Earthlings this month.

Jupiter will be closest to us on Monday, June 10 in an annual event that marks the time when Earth is directly between the gas giant and the sun. This means Jupiter is fairly close to Earth and you can spot it lurking in the sky all night long. This entire month offers up great viewing opportunities.

Our solar system's largest planet is a brilliant beacon to the naked eye but looks incredible through binoculars or a small telescope, which will allow you to spot the four largest moons, and maybe even glimpse a hint of the banded clouds that encircle the planet.

During the month’s end, you can spot Jupiter in Amarillo it in the bright twilight sky with binoculars very low near the west-northwest horizon about 45 minutes after sundown.

The best stargazing (and planets) off the red carpet….just look up.

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