When it comes to the thrills of striking it rich, few things compare to a state lottery. In Texas, the lottery draws thousands of folks all with one thing in mind: winning that big cash prize.

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However, there's much more to the Texas Lottery. Sure, there are mind-boggling prize amounts, but also unique programs benefiting education and more. I went poking around the website and discovered 10 lesser-known facts that may surprise you. Keep scrolling to see how many of these you know.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

1. Record-Breaking Prizes:

I remember a few years back when the Texas Lottery reached an all-time high with a $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. This became the largest prize won by a single ticket in North American history.

2. Supporting Education:

A huge part of the lottery's revenue goes to funding education programs. Thus far the lottery has paid out over $27 billion to public education.

3. "Fun 5's" Controversy:

Remember the controversy with the launch of the "Fun 5's" scratch-off game? Unclear rules led to confusion, and many players were denied their winnings, feeling wronged.

4. Fueling Funds:

The lottery gives a portion of ticket sales to the Fund for Veterans Assistance, which benefits veterans' programs, including firefighting services across the state.

5. Monopoly Millionaires' Club:

How did I miss this one? Turns out Texas was the host state for the Monopoly Millionaires' Club game show in 2015. Contestants had a chance to win up to $1 million and a trip to Las Vegas. Nice.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

6. Prime Perks for Players:

With more than 16,000 Texas Lottery retailers spread throughout the state, players can easily access tickets, but did you know you're also eligible for special promotions and incentives? I sure didn't.

7. Museum of Fun:

In Austin, the Texas Lottery Commission operates the Texas Lottery's Fun Zone, an interactive and educational experience on the lottery's history.

8. Supporting Veterans:

Texas Lottery games, particularly the "Veterans Cash" scratch-off, help support veterans' welfare programs across the state.

9. Keeping the Odds in Mind:

With a variety of games out there, the Texas Lottery keeps odds interesting for players, ensuring a balance between excitement and payoffs.

10. Benefiting Local Communities:

In addition to educational programs, lottery proceeds also go to preserving Texas landmarks and parks, and caring for wildlife.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

The Texas Lottery does more than pay out cash prizes. It goes beyond just those lucky numbers, supporting education, veterans, firefighting services, local communities, and more. So the next time you buy a ticket, know you're doing more for Texas than you realize.

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