As the weather warms up, many of us will be looking to do some cleaning and organizing around the house. In that cleaning, we'll run across some stuff that we don't need anymore or just want to get rid of to free up some space. While most will have a garage sale to earn some extra folding cash, others will just feel the need to donate those items to a charity. There are a plethora of places in East Texas to donate used items and all of them are perfect options to do so. One such organization is the Salvation Army in Tyler or Longview, Texas. While they accept a long list of items, there are some items they will not take.

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The Salvation Army in East Texas

The Salvation Army in East Texas does a lot for it's communities. Not only will they take in gently used clothes, office furniture, computers, books and other items, they also provide jobs for many folks. The Salvation Army rent and utility assistance, after school programs and other services ( All of those services are made possible by shopping in the Salvation Army's various stores across East Texas.

Salvation Army Family Store Locations

  • Tyler - 723 N Broadway Ave
  • Longview - 518 E Cotton St
  • Marshall - 600 E End Blvd
  • Lufkin - 410 S 3rd St


These stores may have job opportunities available even if you have a disability. You could be a stocker or a cashier or maybe there is some other job that would need to done. Contact the store closest to you to find out what is available.

Making a Donation

Any of these Salvation Army locations will accept your donations of bed frames, clothes, bicycles, books, DVDs and many other items. But there are items that the Salvation Army cannot accept like CRT televisions, wheels, broken or non-working appliances and other items. Before you make your donation, check out the list below of the 14 items that the Salvation Army will not accept:

East Texas Salvation Army Locations Will Not Accept These 14 Donations

The Salvation Army is a great place to donate some items you don't need anymore. However, there are things that they will not accept.

Gallery Credit:, Autozone, Steve Lovegrove;

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