We are so fortunate that Texas has so much natural beauty to show off. There's a little bit of everything, from deserts to lakes, beaches to waterfalls, and even beautiful green pine trees. Beyond that, you'll notice so much stunning wildlife running around, if you slow down to enjoy all that surrounds us, you'll notice some interesting stuff. For instance, if look at the trees you might notice clumps of leaves in their branches, but did you know those aren’t always just bird nests?

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Maybe I was a little naive, but I always assumed that huge piles of leaves up in the trees were always made by birds and only occupied by birds, but that is wrong. Those large bundles of leaves are called a drey. These are up in the trees all year, often hidden by other leaves in the warmer months.  

It’s Not Just Birds Staying in the Trees 

According to Geography Realm, when all the leaves fall from trees and you see these large bundles still in the trees what you have found is a hideout for squirrels. The squirrels use these dreys as a safe place to sleep, stay warm, and raise their young.  

Dreys Often Start As Bird Nests 

After birds decide to leave a nest it’s common for squirrels to then take over that space, expand it with leaves and twigs, then use it as their new home.  

Now take some time to look around your property and area to see if you have any dreys around.  

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