A sophomore student at Texas Tech University has been missing since Thursday, May 4th. According to a Facebook post that has since been shared over 3000 times, the young man was last seen at Rodeo 4 (FKA: Charley B's). Located at 5204 4th Street, the business is "Lubbock's largest dancehall," according to their Facebook Page.  Thursday night was a college night offering inexpensive drinks.

His name is Cameron Long, second year at Tech and has not been seen since Thursday night at Rodeo 4.

A missing person's report has since been filed. As someone who has been to a few college nights myself, I feel like it's likely that Cameron could have gone to a nearby convenience store or restaurant after being seen at Rodeo 4.

google maps
google maps

If you were at Rodeo 4 that night, or a nearby late-night business and saw Cameron, you should let police know any details you think may be important. They may be able to review surveillance that can give a vital clue. The police non-emergency line is (806)775-2865. Unless of course you find or know that Cameron is in danger, then please call 911.

Lubbock is home to a million white trucks- but the camper shell with a broken window may prove to be key in helping someone remember seeing Cameron. It's common for college kids to "disappear" for a night, but four days is certainly a cause for alarm.

Tens of thousands of Texans go missing each year, and in each case, time is of the essence. Humans can do amazing things when we work together, so let's work together to find Cameron.

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