First things, first. I don't know for certain that there are any mistakes made here. For all I know, and I would be willing to wager, a lot of time was spent making sure everything looked as it should before final, somewhat permanent, possibly expensive decisions were made.


But still, look at the photo. Are there any mistakes? Do you see what has me scratching my head? Let's dive in.

First, A Quick Refresher On Elementary School Grammar

At least, that's what they called it where I come from. Other places refer to it as, English. In that class we covered punctuation.

Punctuation is important. If used correctly, it can add life to the written word. It's used to convey meaning and purpose in writing.

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash
Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

Here, is my question. Are there multiple fish pros, or is there a singular king of the fish pros and this is his shop?

Multiple Pros Housed In One Location

This is a favorable meaning. It implies that there are several knowledgeable individuals in this one location who are more than qualified to help you make decisions regarding your fish, reptiles, and aquariums.

In fact, you'd need their help. They have what appears to be a fantastic selection of aquariums, and I doubt many of us happen to have extensive aquarium-based knowledge rattling around in our brains.

If I were going to purchase an aquarium for a reptile or for some fish, the collective knowledge of a group of pros would be exactly what I was looking for.

If you need help with your saltwater setup, multiple pros would be a handy thing to have access to.

Or, Is There One Grand Pro And This Is His Shop?

Is there one grand fish pro? That's what the apostrophe would suggest. There can only be one fish pro, and this is his aquarium center. It is the Fish Pro's aquarium center.

They alone are responsible for bestowing a great selection of aquariums, supplies, fish, and reptiles upon the citizens of Amarillo. Honestly, take a look at their Facebook page. They aren't shy about their selection and claim that no one in 300 miles can offer such variety and service.

One king fish pro? As fun as it sounds, I doubt it.

Sadly, The Mystery Remains

Checking social media, there's little help. Facebook has it as Fish Pros. All of the posts refer to Fish Pros. However, if you check Google Maps the name is Fish Pro's.

It seems that the mystery remains. Maybe if you're looking for an aquarium or some fish, you can go dig for yourself to find an answer.

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